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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

While matters of healthcare may not be that simplistic, it’s certainly true that prevention of illness is much simpler (and less expensive) than treatment of illness.  Health problems come with heavy tolls, from loss of wages, productivity and quality of life to high costs of care in a system already overburdened.  That’s why corporate wellness programs are excellent investments for companies.  Why not focus on keeping people well rather than treating and medicating them after they’re already sick?

In the Three Stages of Prevention, we see the progression of disease, as well as the tools of intervention that aid in response and can help lead to positive results.  Statistics show that the costs involved with Stage One, disease avoidance, are measurably less than with Stage Two, early detection, or Stage Three, established disease.  By the time disease has taken hold, there is often the need for ongoing medication, doctors’ visits, case management and other health support.  In contrast, disease prevention involves only health assessments, lifestyle coaching, exercise and education.

3 Stages of Prevention

For employers looking to offer value above and beyond existing benefit packages for employees, contain overall healthcare costs and maximize workforce productivity, corporate wellness programs are the right solution.  Third party wellness management incorporates a culture of wellness into the corporate root system and teaches employees to live healthier and avoid disease.  Additionally, it builds in mechanisms to catch health issues through early detection and stave off problematic health issues early in the stages of prevention.

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