Outsourcing Wellness Programs

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Outsourcing Wellness ProgramsWhy would a company opt to outsource janitorial services, accounting support or even plant care and maintenance yet attempt to self-manage a wellness program for employees?  Outsourcing wellness is extremely efficient and beneficial for business of all sizes and types.  Here are 5 reasons to outsource your company’s wellness program management.

1.  Expertise – Most employees are not formally trained regarding health or wellness initiatives, thus they lack the knowledge and expertise to handle such programs properly.  Human resources and wellness are not one in the same.  With a competent third-party provider at the helm, wellness programs offer better content, activities and parameters for measurable success.

2.  Best Practices – A wellness program provider is responsible for staying informed of the most current best practices for true health management and long term results.  Without an external resource, a company would be internally responsible for researching information  and trends to lead wellness programs effectively.

3.  Prioritization – When “wellness” is simply an added task for an employee, it will not receive the attention or momentum it deserves.  Because employees were hired for other, more pertinent roles, they simply can’t divert efforts or energies to wellness initiatives when other priorities arise.  By outsourcing wellness, the program always gets the nurturing and attention it requires.

4.  No Conflict of Interest – Relying on a third-party source for wellness implementation allows employees to participate more openly and freely, as they needn’t report into a co-worker regarding matters of personal health.  Many employees may be hesitant to participate in weigh-ins or discuss health matters with HR employees yet would be willing to connect with outsourced leadership in the quest to get healthy.

5.  Trust – By outsourcing wellness, a company keeps a clear and immovable line between HR records, benefits claims and health records.  Participating employees find comfort in knowing their wellness initiatives won’t intermingle with matters of HR or benefits claims. They’ll trust the company’s motives for the program, leading to overall, more measurable success.

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