When Companies Save On Healthcare Costs, Employees Gain

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When Companies Save On Healthcare Costs, Employees GainFor most companies, the motivation to incorporate wellness programs for employees is two-fold:  (1) to help people live healthier lives and (2) reduce overall healthcare expenditures for the company.  Both goals are worthwhile, and both directly benefit employees.

At first glance goal #2 appears to be corporate-focused because it relates to businesses’ bottom lines.  However, when companies save money on healthcare costs, the dollars spared can be circulated within the organization for the good of employee populations.

Excessive healthcare costs deplete organizations’ time and money, as responsible staffers spend inordinate time assessing and addressing issues related to high costs.  Negotiating with payers for the best plans and regarding issues surrounding claims is highly intensive and time consuming.  Certainly, when employees are less healthy, there are more claims, costs and issues to deal with on many levels.

However, when wellness is prioritized and employees stay healthy, companies are able to invest money in benefits programs, work environment upgrades, salary enhancements, employee relations campaigns, improved infrastructure and technologies—and so on.

Wellness should be a corporate culture.  It should pervade every aspect of a company to become fully integrated as a way of life for those out making livings.  And when it does, everyone from the C-Suite to the front desk stand to gain.

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