Wellness Starts at the Top: Discover the ExecTrack Wellness Program

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Busy executives are notoriously unwell. Their jobs are innately stressful, as are their demanding, time-strapped lifestyles. Throw in business trips and meals out with clients, and you’ve got a strong recipe for health challenges.

As Corporate Health Partners helps companies get healthier one employee at a time, we certainly have not forgotten those executives occupying the C-suites. Our ExecTrack program is a comprehensive, completely customizable solution created specifically for those who live with the unique demands of corporate leadership. We know it’s essential for company leadership to know firsthand what it’s like to truly be healthy in order to guide wellness initiatives companywide.

Here’s a personal account from an ExecTrack participant, Jay Cude, President & CEO of Couer, Inc. Mr. Cude knows the benefits of focusing on personal wellness—firsthand.

For more details on ExecTrack, click here.

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