Metro Atlanta Case Study

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Facing costly medical claims and an epidemic of absenteeism, this Metro Atlanta City knew they needed to take steps to improve employee health. In 2006, following the failure of other wellness programs, the city set out to find a more proactive and comprehensive program. To turn things around, they turned to Corporate Health Partners — and CHP was poised to deliver.


The team at CHP sprang into action, working with city leadership to develop a customized program that included:

  • Leadership support/involvement
  • Program Services
    • Onsite health screenings
    • A personal health profile
    • Access to multiple online wellness tools
    • Access to onsite health coaches
    • Other wellness activities – challenges, lunch and learns, walking groups
  • Incentives
    • All participants can earn at least $105 reduction in their monthly health plan premium contribution.


CHP implemented a one-on-one coaching standard that included:

  • Coach spends 28 hours/week onsite
  • Coach spends 1/3 of their time on Program
  • Management & 2/3 on Individual Coaching
  • Coaches 10 people per day
  • Additional Coach does telephonic coaching with 30 retirees & spouses

Download the full case study: 2014-MetroAtlantaCity-Web

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