3 Phases of Health Coaching

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Influencing Lasting Lifestyle Change

Expert interview with Michael Arloski, CEO Real Balance Global Wellness Services and dean of the Wellness Coach Training Institute. He is a licensed psychologist and certified coach with over 30 years of professional contribution to the field of Wellness.

A good Health Coach achieves a “mindset shift”, letting go of playing the role of the teacher and instead they allow the employee to take the lead. The coaches are there to provide structure and assistance, they don’t force the employee  to follow every directive they have mapped out.

A Real Process Has a Beginning, Middle and End

  1. The Beginning: There is a lot of attention placed on the beginning. Rather than just assessing and diagnosing an individual, Health Coaches help them “explore, get in touch and take stock of their wellness”. Once they understand where they are, they help them decide the direction they want to go in: how they would really like to live their lives. Then the coach will help them identify what exactly needs to change in order to achieve their goals. This is what coaches call “coaching to the gap”- the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in the future.
  2. The Middle: This stage of employee health coaching begins once the gap is identified. The next step is to formulate a plan. Health Coaching is more than coming up with plans such describing how to exercise and eat. The actual coaching involves working with the employee to develop their own plan, tailored to the individual, enabling them to move forward. The employee and Health Coach co-create a plan together.
  3. The Final Stages: Finally, the Health Coach supports the individual throughout the plan, sticking with them throughout the behavioral change process, providing accountability and support. That ongoing relationship is the heart and soul of employee health coaching.

Onsite, ongoing health coaching is proven to make an impact on employee lifestyle change. Unfortunately, far too many wellness vendors don’t fully harness the power of coaching.  Onsite, face-to-face health coaching is what makes CHP’s employee wellness programs so successful. Learn more today.

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