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Everybody knows that if you research any subject online you will find vastly conflicting information, especially when it comes to politics, religion, nutrition and wellness.  Any position on just about any subject can be “proven” simply by citing the correct sources.

Those of you who have known me over 6 years have seen both my drastic weight gains and losses.  If you put my weight and stress levels on a graph they would mirror each other.  I’ve learned that you need to do what works best for you and your body. I’ve experimented with several different cardio exercises while monitoring heart rate and weight losses over weekly terms.  For myself personally, if I work out at a steady 125 to 140 BPM heart rate for longer periods of time (approx 45 minutes), I lose noticeably more weight than working out aggressively at 160 and above BPM for shorter periods of time (30 minutes).  This is contrary to many articles that come up first when you Google this subject. I have also found that I can eat correctly portioned lean red meats throughout a week and lose as much weight as I can during a week of only eating grilled chicken.

Do the obvious: Eat less, cut down on carbohydrates, don’t snack at night and stay active but find out what works best for YOU and YOUR body.  Work smarter, not harder.  Time at the Gym can actually be fun and can be an excellent source of stress relief when you have a routine that you know is working for you. I actually like to go now. The most important part is that you make a conscious choice to try hard and experiment. Question things you are taught, and don’t always believe everything you read, even if it’s a mainstream belief.  I’ve learned more about what works for me through trial and error, than reading about it.  Give a genuine effort to find a routine that works for you, your schedule and your body.  If after several consistent weeks your routine is making you miserable, there is no point.  Adjust your routine!  I’ve been skinny and miserable before and that’s worse than being happy and overweight.

Always remember that being physically healthy and mentally happy at the same time should be your goal.  Try to find a workout routine and eating pattern that actually relives your stress and you will stick with it.  Use your tools at hand such as your wellness coach for great advice accountability.  Participate in the wellness challenges! Over time, you will lose weight and become happier. I lost 17.5 pounds in 2 months during the Biggest Loser Challenge.  Health Coaching and friendly competition between you and your peers always helps.

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