My Experience With CHP’s Employee Wellness Program

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When the wellness program was initially announced I expected it to be health screenings and periodic check ins to monitor weight, blood pressure and other issues of health concern.  I expected it to remind me of annual checkup visits to my doctor.  I expected it to encourage smokers to quit.  I expected it to set weight loss goals if appropriate.


The reality of the program is that I have gotten way more than I expected.  CHP’s wellness program isn’t a boring statistic gathering program, it is dynamic and comprehensive with a great health coach at its heart.  I did not expect to have access to a  trained professional I could meet with regularly.  Nor did I expect that person to have as much to bring to the table as our health coach does.


So far I have benefited by beginning a weight loss/exercise program. The coaching sessions are valuable motivators to help me set goals, they present opportunities to learn ways to help me meet them and make me accountable which keeps my progress on track.


My ongoing issue is that I do not like to exercise. During our sessions, our health coach is helping me create personalized strategies and goals so I can weave activities into my lifestyle and schedule that don’t feel like exercise yet give me the same result.  We have discovered that in some cases I was actually exercising but did not realize it or count the activity as beneficial.


Another nice surprise has been the “Healthy Break” lunch and learn events.   I have taken valuable information away from both that I attended.  The first one, for example, gave me a family tree template of health issues I can complete and give to my children so they can be aware of any genetic health risks.  I look forward to attending all of these moving forward.


Last but not least, there is now a formal wellness committee.  Just as our safety program integrated a culture of safety into everything we do, I believe one outcome of this committee will be to create a culture of wellness so that it is integrated into all employee activities.  After all, safety and wellness go hand in hand.


I’m looking forward to participating in the upcoming “Biggest Winner” contest as well as whatever other activities are down the road.  For me, this program is a huge asset to my employee benefit package.

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