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Interesting how worksite wellness development can be analogous to gardening. The subject of this week’s interview is “Cultivating a Healthier Workforce”. And our guest goes further by describing his company’s delivery model as a Health Improvement Ecosystem.

On this week’s show, we talked with Jack Curtis, CEO of Corporate Health Partners, and we learned how “cultivation” is required when creating healthier lifestyles among a workforce.

A systematic wellness program is a natural step as organizations look for more ways to deepen commitment to their employees and improve the health of the organization. Does such a system exists that will allow companies to manage processes and analyze their results? We learned of a “Health Improvement Ecosystem” that helps cultivate healthy lifestyles among a workforce.

To hear this entire valuable and informative interview as Jack explains his company’s systematic approach in assisting employers grow a stronger and more engaged workforce, click on this link: HBR Interview with Jack Curtis.

As we do with all our guests, we asked Jack what he felt is the most successful engagement strategy to get members to participate in health & wellness activities. To hear his unique response, click on this link:Successful Engagement Strategy – Jack Curtis.

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