2 Things to Remember When Forming a Wellness Committee

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Establishing a Strong Employee Wellness Committee 

Critical Step Toward Better Employee Health

The first key aspect of a successful wellness program is to create a committee that focuses on the creation, implementation and maintenance of the program. Ideally, the committee will include employees of all levels of the business hierarchy and will be comprised of people both interested and excited about the idea of a worksite wellness program.

1. Make sure the message isn’t just coming from leadership, but modeled by leadership

Modeling wellness at senior levels sets an example and is a key area for the success of an employee wellness program. A wellness program needs visible support from business owners, senior and middle management. Leadership is crucial in planting the seeds of corporate culture that grow organically over time — a company’s overall wellness strategy and initiatives must be an extension of its leadership.  In order to reap the rewards of an engaged workforce, executives must show employees — through actions — that the company cares.

2. The wellness committee should be a representation of the whole organization

An effective wellness committee should be comprised of a broad cross-section of individuals from different occupations, divisions, shifts and locations within the organization. Managers, supervisors and staff should all be represented. A common mistake is filling the wellness committee with only health enthusiasts, non-smokers and marathon runners. Mix things up by including some skeptics of wellness, as well as, wellness champions. Having a diverse committee gives you the opportunity to communicate across the workplace and enhances the credibility and importance of the message.

Tip: Keep the size of the committee manageable- ideally three to twelve employees, depending on the size of the company and the scope of the program or activities.

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