3 Keys to Employee Engagement

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3 Keys to Employee Engagement

Many employers have implemented employee wellness programs in recent years, recognizing that they can play an influential role in cutting costs related to poor health and lifestyle choices. However, simply offering a wellness program — no matter how well-intentioned — provides no guarantee of employee engagement.  Employees must be aware the program exists and be encouraged to participate — and that’s where things get tricky.

Though more than 85% of large employers offer a wellness program, Gallup research shows that only 60% of U.S. employees are aware that their company offers a wellness program — and only 40% of those who are aware of the program say they actually participate in it. At CHP, we believe that it possible to lead a horse to water, AND make it drink. So how is it we’re able to get employees on board with the program?

We call it the 3 Keys to Employee Engagement:

1. Leadership Support – Employees generally want to do something important, and they judge what’s important by listening to what their superiors say and, even more so, observing what they do. When they see those in authority asking about, talking about, and most importantly engaging in a wellness program, most will follow their lead.

2. Communication – Most employees are very busy and suffer from “information overload.” Each also has their own way of learning, and studies have shown that a message must be received three different times and in three different ways to be effective. To cut through the clutter and make sure our message is heard, communication comes frequently, and it’s always designed to be engaging, helpful, and most of all, USEFUL.

3. Meaningful Incentives – It’s accepted that only 10-20% of employees will participate in a program of their own accord; the rest need an incentive to get motivated. According to Small Business Trends, that percentage soars to over 75% with an incentive. And, the incentive doesn’t need to break the company. Studies show that typically, $75 to $100 per month will get 80% or more involved.

Corporate wellness programs are successful only if employees are engaged. When the entire workforce commits to living a healthier life, the results are amazing. Lower health care costs, increased productivity, and improved morale are just the tip of the iceberg for employers, not to mention the added value of happy, healthy employees.


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