Wellness Drives Employee Engagement, Culture & Recruitment

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Wellness in Today’s Workforce

You may wonder, if employees are disengaged at work, are they even interested in their employers’ health and wellness programs? The answer is yes — employees are engaging with wellness offerings more than ever and the benefits don’t stop at improved health — in fact, according to the Virgin Pulse employee Survey of Health Priorities, employees and employers alike are seeing a return on wellness investments, including increased productivity, engagement and happiness. 

Wellness Drives Engagement

A big benefits for employers is how access to wellness programs affects employee engagement and productivity. Wellness programs are a way to help employees make daily changes that lead to sustainable health changes and improvements in workplace engagement and productivity. Employees surveyed confirm that wellness programs are directly addressing disengagement, with 5 out of 10 respondents (52.6 percent) stating that wellness programs have increased their feeling of engagement.

Wellness Drives Company Culture 

For employers looking to mold a high-functioning, highly productive workforce, company culture is the first brick in the road to success. The best wellness programs — ones that will produce lasting behavior change — are those that communicate that the organization is involved in a culture of wellness designed to support employees.  When employees feel supported and secure, they’re able to connect and bring their best to work each day. Its becoming increasingly important for employers to create a culture that engages employees, showing them that their well-being is important. Employees surveyed reported that more than half (55.7 percent) of the respondents say that wellness programs make them feel more valued by their employer. 

Wellness Drives Employee Retention

Employee retention and satisfaction plays a large, critical role in the overall dynamic and effectiveness of your business. An employee who is successful and motivated at their position will save your business from spending the time and money that it takes to replace someone with a key role in your staff. According to a study conducted by The Society For Human Resource Management, 45% of Americans who are working at a small to medium-sized company say that they would stay at their job longer because of employer-sponsored wellness programs.

A wellness program is needed to address the mental, emotional, physical, personal and professional health of an employee, thereby increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention.

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