The Dietitian’s Meal Plan: January 12, 2015

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Meal 1- Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wraps, Fruit Salad

For a more kid friendly version, pulse the veggies in your food processor for a quick spread.

Meal 2- Creole Shrimp and Rice, Asparagus

This dish is a little spicy. You may want to cut back on the Creole seasoning and red pepper for children and picky eaters.

Meal 3- Moroccan Meatballs and Spicy Tomato Sauce, Couscous, Salad

If you can’t find dried currants substitute with dried cherries or golden raisins

Meal 4- Chickpea & Brown Rice Veggie Burgers, Tomato-Cucumber Salad

 Serving on a bun is optional. Burgers are great on their own when topped with the tomato salad.

 Meal 5- Mexican Chicken Casserole, Tomato/Avocado Salad



Grocery List


¨  Red onions

¨  Red bell peppers

¨  Eggplant

¨  Parsley, flat-leaf, fresh

¨  Onions

¨  Fruit


¨  Green bell pepper

¨  Celery

¨  Thyme, fresh

¨  Garlic

¨  Cherry or grape tomatoes

¨  Chives, fresh

¨  Asparagus

¨  Orange

¨  Leafy greens for salad

¨  Cucumbers

¨  Lemons

¨  Scallions

¨  Tomatoes

¨  Avocado




¨  Olive oil

¨  Hummus, plain or favorite flavor

¨  Whole-grain flatbreads (Flatout Light)

¨  Brown rice

¨  Canola oil

¨  Creole seasoning

¨  Ground red pepper

¨  Flour

¨  Plain breadcrumbs, whole wheat

¨  Dried currants (or golden raisins/cherries)

¨  Ground cumin

¨  Dried oregano

¨  Dried parsley

¨  Ground coriander

¨  Ground cinnamon

¨  Fennel seeds

¨  Tomato paste, canned

¨  Whole canned tomatoes, no salt added

¨  Whole wheat couscous

¨  Chickpeas, canned

¨  Whole wheat buns (optional)

¨  Chicken broth, low-sodium

¨  Canned green chilies

¨  Enchilada sauce

¨  Corn tortillas


¨  Shrimp ¾ lb. medium sized

¨  Ground beef, 1.5 lbs. (90% lean or higher)

¨  Chicken breast, boneless 1.75 lbs


¨  Crumbled feta cheese

¨  Milk, low-fat

¨  Eggs

¨  Monterey Jack cheese

¨  Cream cheese, light

¨  Cheddar cheese, reduced fat



Jackie Warren is a registered dietitian and Director of Operations for Corporate Health Partners. She develops weekly dinner meal plans that are kid-friendly to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.






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