See the ROI on the faces of your employees– and in the bottom line.

Here’s what our clients’ employees are saying about our wellness programs

“The wellness program provides me with a lot of information that has helped me to lose weight and eat better. I enjoy participating in the healthy breaks and activities because it helps me to focus on eating right and exercising to reach my health goals. “
“When I got my biometric screening I realized what was wrong with my health. I had extremely high fasting glucose levels confirmed by a later doctor’s appointment. I changed my diet and started exercising to lose over 50 pounds and I am feeling better than I have in years.”
“In March 2014 I attended the ACS Tobacco Cessation class lead by Buddy Boswell, Wellness Coach. I had previously tried to quit smoking but with short-term success. The group setting made a big difference and the support of other Lowndes County employees made it easier to quit. I still use the things I learned from the class and have been tobacco free for four months.”
As of today I am down 92 pounds from my weight in October 2012. I know I would not be able to say that if I did not make the decision in 2010 to join the wellness program.
Metro Atlanta City
“The city’s wellness program saved my life.”
City of Kennesaw
"I have seen people lose weight, quit smoking and overall be healthier people."
Public Works Employee Testimonial
“As a result of the program, I am having my blood pressure taken on a weekly basis, it helps me to do and keep up with my exercising, and I’m motivated.”
City of Kennesaw

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