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Corporate Health Partners Announces the 2019 Atlanta City Challenge Winners

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Corporate Health Partners Atlanta City Challenge 2019

Corporate Health Partners recently concluded this year’s City Challenge in Atlanta. The City Challenge is an annual event in which employees from different cities within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area compete to be most active. Participating employees earn points for their teams by logging step counts and participating in 5k races. Prizes include gift cards, luncheons, the CHP City Challenge Winner trophy, and bragging rights.

This Year’s Winners

CHP is pleased to announce this year’s winners: 

The team winner is Team Acworth!

They were able to edge out last years’ champion Team Decatur by fewer than 5 points. What an amazing finish! Congratulations to all of the teams that participated.

Team Acworth, the winning team of Corporate Health Partners’ 2019 Atlanta City Challenge

Team Acworth, the winning team of Corporate Health Partners’ 2019 Atlanta City Challenge

The individual winner is Thinh Ly from the Team Kennesaw!

Thinh was able to hold off his two top challengers: Russell Mines (2nd place) and Jimmy Kirkley (3rd place), both from Team Acworth. Congratulations to all of the participants

The Top 5 Winners in Each Category

 Top 5 Teams

I hope the challenge continues for years to come. I joined last year and I absolutely love it!
— Participant
  1. Team Acworth

  2. Team Decatur

  3. Team Johns Creek

  4. Team Sandy Springs

  5. Team Alpharetta

Top 5 Individual Competitors

  1. Thinh Ly, Kennesaw

  2. Russell Mines, Acworth

  3. Jimmy Kirkley, Acworth

  4. Richard Phillips, Decatur

  5. Julie Scoggins, Johns Creek

2019 City Challenge Highlights

This years’ event was a great success. Highlights include:

  • 307 participants took more than 69 million steps, averaging 8,077 participant steps per day! That is up considerably versus our inaugural event last year (last year: 242 participants, 48 million steps, 7,103 per participant/day).

  • Participants went around the planet almost 1.5 times!

  • 126 participants took part in the Challenge’s 5k race. That’s more than a third of all participants! Every team had at least one member complete a 5k.


The challenge rules rewarded overall team participation percentage. The teams with the highest participation rate were:

  • Team Decatur - 71% of eligible employees participated

  • Team Acworth - 58% of eligible employees participated

  • Team Cartersville - 35% of eligible employees participated


The challenge rules also rewarded individuals and teams for completing the City Challenge 5k or other 5k events. The teams with the highest completion rate were:

More Information about the 2019 City Challenge

Please see this year’s flyer for more information about the contest, its rules and rewards.

Thank You to the City Challenge Sponsors

Corporate Health Partners would also like to thank the sponsors that contributed to this years’ event. Your support made this year’s City Challenge excellent.

Participant Feedback

After the event, Corporate Health Partners received feedback from participants. Survey results revealed:

  • 90 out of 105 respondents thought the challenge built comradery among their respective colleagues

  • 90 out of 105 respondents enjoyed the City Challenge and said they would participate again in the future

  • 89 out of 105 respondents said they started a new healthy habit during the challenge and have continued with it even after the challenge ended

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