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Corporate Health Partners Announces the 2019 CAT Challenge Winners

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Corporate Health Partners CAT Challenge 2019

Corporate Health Partners recently concluded this year’s CAT Challenge. The CAT Challenge is an annual event in which employees from five different CAT dealerships - Blanchard, Gregory Poole, Walker Machinery, Whayne Supply, and Yancey Bros - compete to be most active. Participating employees earn points for their teams by logging step counts and participating in 5k races. Prizes include gift cards, t-shirts and other swag , the CHP City Challenge Winner trophy, and bragging rights.

This Year’s Winners

CHP is pleased to announce this year’s winners:  


The team winner is Team Blanchard!

Team Blanchard earned 150 participation bonus points by having over 25% of their eligible employees hit the minimum threshold of 4,000 steps per day. That was the most participation bonus points earned by any team in the challenge. High levels of participation created a distinct advantage during this challenge, and Team Blanchard took full advantage of it.

Team Acworth, the winning team of Corporate Health Partners’ 2019 Atlanta City Challenge


Top 5 Participants from the Team Blanchard

  1. Angie White 

  2. Ralph Farrington

  3. John Hoover

  4. Darla Oldham

  5. Jamie Chavis


The individual winner is Angie White from the Team Blanchard!

What an amazing finish! Angie White overcame a 72-point deficit in the final week to overtake some incredible competitors and claim victory by only 19 points!

Top 5 Teams

We need more of these inter-dealer challenges. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for keeping me healthy!!!
— Participant
Loved it! I walked a lot more than usual. It made me more active. I always do better with goal setting/sticking to goals when I have a challenge or some direct accountability.
— Participant
  1. Angie White, Blanchard

  2. Shawn McKenzie, Gregory Poole

  3. Scott Light, Walker

  4. Ralph Farrington, Blanchard

  5. Tim Davidson, Whayne

The Three Random $75.00 Prize Winners

2019 CAT Challenge Highlights

This years’ event was a great success. Highlights include:

  • 691 participants took more than 129 million steps, walking over 64,000 miles!

  • Participants went around the planet over 2.5 times!

  • Participants averaged more than 6,600 steps per day and nearly 70% hit the 4.000 minimum for “participation bonus”!

  • 58 participants took part in a 5k race.

More Information about the 2019 CAT Challenge

Please see this year’s flyer for more information about the contest, its rules and rewards.

Thank You to the CAT Challenge Sponsors

Corporate Health Partners would also like to thank the sponsors that contributed to this years’ event. Your support made this year’s CAT Challenge excellent. 





Participant Feedback

After the event, Corporate Health Partners received feedback from participants. Survey results revealed:

  • 86% thought the challenge built comradery amongst internal employees

  • 86% enjoyed the challenge and said they would participate in a future challenge

  • 85% said they started a new healthy habit during the challenge and have continued with it even after the challenge ended

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