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Cultivating A Healthier Workforce


Recommend the Best

Strengthen your client relationships by recommending leading wellness programs from CHP

Why Recommend CHP?

We get it. Every year, you receive hundreds of calls from wellness programs promoting their services. It’s hard to tell one from another, making it difficult to put your reputation on the line by recommending one over the other to your clients. Partnering with CHP eliminates that anxiety. You can confidently recommend our programs, because we are one of the few health and wellness providers that can demonstrate our results with medical data. CHP will make you shine, establishing you as a trusted advisor and strengthening your relationships with your clients.


Consolidate & Simplify

Keep things simple for you and your clients by consolidating multiple health and wellness programs under one company


Solve & Support

Demonstrate that your agency seeks to solve the problem of poor employee health and increasing costs


Delegate & Deliver

Rest easy working with a seasoned, stable company with decades of experience and data-driven results


What Sets Us Apart

Organizations trust you to find the best health and wellness benefits for their employees. Corporate Health Partners (CHP) will make you shine. Offering more than just wellness programs, we provide preventive healthcare that measurably improves employee health and enhances company culture.

  • Proven reduction of health risks and expensive sick care

  • Results are measured through objective, year-over-year biometric assessments, not vanity metrics like step counts

  • Onsite, personalized coaching encourages employees to achieve their health goals

  • Day-to-day management of the program is our responsibility, not yours or your client’s

  • Custom programs are created to fit a company’s culture, not cookie cutter off-the-shelf “turnkey” program

  • CHP programs are scalable and independent of insurance carriers, and will not lock a company into a plan, or lose momentum if you need a vendor change





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How to Work with CHP

We know that you get bombarded with wellness vendors, so we strive to make our partnerships with our brokers as beneficial and easy to manage as possible. Here’s how to work with us:

Step 1: Identify clients that are ready for genuinely effective wellness programming.  

Step 2: Introduce CHP to those clients. Feel welcome to send this flyer.

Step 3: If there is interest, involve us as early as possible. Arrange a meeting or introduce us via email:

Any questions? Email us, and let us help you shine!