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CHP helps make government employees healthier and happier


State & Local

One of the more appealing aspects of working for the government are the rich benefits. CHP’s high participant satisfaction rated programs make those benefits even better, and the savings that our programs create more than pay for themselves. Your employees serve our communities. Help them be their best with health and wellness programs from CHP. Our programs produce demonstrable results year over year. High risk employees become healthier, department cultures improve, and your organization becomes a more desirable place to work. Contact us to learn more.

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Public Safety & EMS

Fire, police, and emergency responders play a critical role in society. CHP’s wellness programs ensure that they are operating at full health and able to meet the physical demands of their jobs. CHP also hosts competitions between different departments to see who’s in the best shape, which our clients love. Contact us to learn more.



Utilities workers make cities work. CHP helps them to better meet the demands of their jobs and live happier, healthier lives. We can help you transform your utility into one of the most desirable places to work through culture building, onsite coaching, and community events. Healthier employees with shared goals create better organizations. Contact us to learn more.





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