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Serious Wellness


Corporate Health Partners’ programs are engineered to fit your unique organizational culture and employees, not the other way around. Each option offers varying levels of commitment and corresponding results. Please contact us to discuss which would be the best fit for your organization.



Start Here To Begin Building A Healthy Culture

Pathfinder is a fun and effective wellness program designed to cultivate an organization’s overall culture of health. Tailored to each company’s needs and goals, Pathfinder is the perfect way to reward your employees for engaging in healthy behaviors, while fostering a culture that supports lasting, positive change. Although it foregoes individual monitoring and coaching, Corporate Health Partners will be onsite to manage the Pathfinder program tailored to your company’s specific goals.


Corporate Pulse

Clinical, Object Measurement

How healthy is your company? What are your risks? How can we address them before they become serious and expensive problems? Corporate Pulse provides confidential biometric assessments for participating employees. One of our health coaches will discuss each employee’s results with them and help them set individual goals for a healthier lifestyle. Simultaneously, Corporate Health Partners will aggregate the group’s data and present an anonymous report about your company’s health and risk profile. From there, you can elect to use one of our programs - Prima, Pathfinder, or Add-on Health Coaching - to make your employees and your company, healthier, happier and more productive.



The Full Package: Culture + Screening + Coaching (our most selected program)

Prima is proven  to improve the health and wellbeing each of your employees, even as they age. It combines confidential biometric monitoring, personalized year-round coaching based on a participant’s risk profile (High, Moderate, or Low), and engaging programs to create measurable, sustained results. Our team plans healthcare solutions for the company and each of its participating employees. Corporate Health Partners then provides onsite staff, tools, and support to ensure employee health improves year over year. Prima averages ~90% participation, and ~86% participant satisfaction. It is our most popular, comprehensive program.



Help Your Highest Risk Employees Immediately

When an employee discovers they are facing serious, chronic health risks, Omni helps them to overcome their challenges quickly. Omni tracks whether participants are on track to meet their goals while providing daily reminders and coaching. Compared to self-managed programs, Omni produces stronger results faster, meaning serious health risk don’t become crises. Omni’s strength is its combination of proactive health coaching with effective monitoring and communication technology. Each participant works with a dedicated health coach who reviews their progress daily. Should a participant fall behind, their coach will immediately help the participant rebound. Omni is a limited program only for high-risk employees. It can be implemented as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to Prima or Pathfinder.



Industry Solutions


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